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Iditarod Trail Invitational 

Shortly following his ride of Baja in 2022 Miron raced in the Iditarod 350. This year he sets out to accomplish the full 1000 miles across Alaska from Anchorage to Nome as he continues to champion the fight against ALS. Iditarod Trail invitational is regarded as the world's longest and toughest winter marathon race. ITI 1000 competitors may face temperatures from -50F to 35F, gale force winds, rain, blizzards, waist-deep snow, mud, glare ice and bright sunny skies - all in the same day. 

Inspired by his Uncle Bruce, Miron pushed his body past its limit in support of everyone with ALS who have to push themselves every day. Following Miron's FKT of the Baja Divine in January of 2022, he raced in the Iditarod 350 Invitational.  Bruce is one of thousands of ALS patients who need our help to continue their care. With an overwhelming amount of support, we have raised $53,000 so far for the fight against ALS. Join us in our fight to find a cure and end ALS.

Your support in this epic journey to continue in the fight against ALS is greatly appreciated. 

For more on the Iditarod check out!

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