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Aaron Rosenblum

Aaron Rosenblum a photographer and non-profit marketing professional. He is Bruce’s son and Miron’s cousin! Aaron is from Cambridge, MA but currently lives in Brooklyn, NY. When he’s not working you can catch him in the wilderness chasing his next adventure!


Maeve Pagès

I’m Maeve, from just outside of Boston, Massachusetts. For the last four years, I’ve been working in the film industry in Boston while doing my master’s in anthropology. My ultimate goal is to move into the documentary space permanently and use film as the platform for my research.


Alfonso Gomez

Fon Gómez is a documentary filmmaker and animal rights activist from Mexico City. He is trying to figure out how to live an intentional life in a fast-paced, automated world, therefore finds himself seeking adventure and new experiences whenever possible.


Schuyler Alig

Schuyler Alig is a Photographer and visual artist based out of Philadelphia. When she isn’t practicing digital or analog photography she is designing and forging jewelry. Recently, documenting and participating in the Black Lives Matter movement has led her on a photographic journey cross-country to document the roots of this political upheaval—the stolen land this country is built on. Schuyler’s mission behind the lens is to share the stories of the land and those who fight to protect it.

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